Dan Howarth

Dan’s life-long passion started as a teenager in the 1970’s working in new home construction in Regency alongside his father and brother. He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln majoring in Construction Management. Throughout his construction career, Dan has built relationships with subcontractors, managed many renovation projects, and acquired an attention to detail to become a true hands-on builder.

In 2007, he launched Cadelynn Properties, as the owner and managing partner, acquiring and rehabbing residential real estate. Desiring to expand and fulfill his life-long dream of building homes, he founded H3 Custom Homes. He is dedicated to ensuring quality, honesty, and integrity in everything he does.

Teresa Howarth

Teresa has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry. For over 20 of these years, she has worked in banking, and has many established banking ties in the Omaha area.

In 2007, she launched Cadelynn Properties, working alongside her husband, Dan as an active participant in its management. Teresa takes an active role in both Cadelynn Properties and H3 Custom Homes, involved in all aspects of its management.

Eddie Howarth

Eddie graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, graduating with a degree in Construction Management. He began his career as a Construction Engineer for a large Omaha-based general contractor where he earned a quality award for his work on a multi-million dollar project. Eddie progressed in his construction career to become a Project Manager.

Eddie founded H3 Custom Homes with his parents, helping to realize both he and his dad’s dreams of being home builders.