There are many unique ways to customize a home to fit an owner’s individual style, according to local experts, who have seen a variety of custom home trends in recent years.

Among other trends seen are floating metal staircases, clean burning ethanol burners instead of traditional fireplaces, and outdoor living to include: decks with fire pits, electronic screens, decks with concrete flooring, and radiant heaters in outdoor ceilings.

Dan Howarth, co-owner of H3 Custom Homes, said ‘nostalgic farmhouse styling’ has become increasingly popular. He’s seen use of metal roofs, barn doors and other elements relating to the style.

“That’s the trend and that’s really the style we’re building in,” Howarth said. “We believe it leads to a cohesive design.”

Reclaimed wood being used as an accent is also a current trend, according to Howarth.

He said many manufacturers are actually creating a designer series of shiplap.

“Additionally, we’re seeing a move back to custom sand in place of hardwood flooring rather than pre-finished engineered hardwood flooring,” Howarth said. “Red Oak used to be standard, but now — trendwise — hickory is in.

“The simplicity of the farmhouse design is what makes it so popular. It’s a design that can easily move from a casual atmosphere to a more elegant atmosphere. That’s kind of what we look for — a comfortable luxury, which also lends to a lot of design options.”

Reprinted with permission from the publisher of MBJ Inc. from the May 25, 2018 issue of the Midlands Business Journal.