About H3

We strive for excellence and high quality in all that we do.

We work together as a team with our home owners, always doing the right thing. This focus ensures that every home we build is a home that you will enjoy for years to come.

As Omaha home builders, H3 Custom Homes is dedicated to building high-quality homes for people who expect more from a custom home.

We draw on a wealth of construction experience and knowledge from different practice areas.

Our distinctive approach to home building is based on a craftsman’s unrivaled attention to detail and an artistic eye for design.

Because we’re a family-owned business, we offer a multi-generational perspective, understanding where you are in life, how you live in your home, and how that influences your needs.  H3 Custom Homes is uniquely qualified to build your dream home.

Dan, Teresa and Eddie Howarth

Why build with H3 Custom Homes?

We know that when you choose to build a new home the process can be daunting. We will design your experience to meet your needs. Everything we do is to ensure that your new home exceeds your expectations. How do we do this?

We build a quality home.

  • We do not use builder grade materials. We use high quality materials including high efficiency furnaces and water heaters, higher efficiency windows, and more.
  • We ask for and receive input from our subcontractors on ways to build better and more efficiently.
  • We meet with our subcontractors regularly and field supervise their work to ensure it meets our standards.

We are consistent.

  • We have long-term relationships with our subcontractors.
  • We treat our subcontractors and vendors with respect.
  • We answer our phones – you talk to the builder directly, not to the builder’s employee.

We pay attention to detail.

  • We are at the building site daily
  • We communicate daily with subcontractors, eliminating issues before they arise
  • We do final clean up, checklist and walk-through ourselves to ensure quality

We are a good neighbor.

  • We work to build a good rapport with neighbors as we build a home, ensuring that we do not encroach on their property.
  • We communicate regularly with our neighbors to ensure we address any of their concerns.
  • We keep the jobsite organized.

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