What is a custom home builder you ask?

A custom home builder is someone who builds a home to your individual wants and needs instead of a cookie-cutter home.  This is beneficial to you as you will get to select more finishes and have more input into your home-building process.  You may be able to make changes to an existing plan or have your own plans designed specifically based on what you are wanting to build.  Custom builders have relationships with home design companies and will assist you in the design process.

Some examples of a custom home building process that you will be involved in when you choose a custom home builder to include the following:

Determine closet layouts – where do you want shelving to be placed?  Where do you want hanging racks?  Do you want cabinetry in your closet?  Do you need extra shelving for sweaters, heavy items, etc?

Electrical fixtures – do you want extra lighting to highlight a feature or area of your home or a prized possession?  Do you want an extra large chandelier in your entry?  Do you want a heat lamp next to your walk-in shower?  Do you prefer canned lighting or fixtures on the exterior?  Do you want lighting on your stair treads?  These are all the types of things you can have better control over with a custom builder.

Cabinetry – do you want soft-close drawers?  A cabinet hood or an exposed hood?  Extra features such as trash pull-outs, spice drawers or stand mixer cabinets?  There are a multitude of changes you can make to kitchens and a custom home builder will walk you through the process.

A custom home builder will guide you through the selection process and works closely with their subcontractors to point you in the right direction when making selections.  A good custom home builder has strong relationships with vendors and suppliers who excel at their trades and will help you to make selections, keeping in mind what you want as well as what will work in your home.  All of these decisions that are made with a custom builder will help you to get the home of your dreams.

When looking for a custom builder, some things to consider are the relationships the builder has with former clients (check out referrals on their websites, BBB reviews, google reviews, Houzz reviews, etc.)  Also visit any homes that you can that they are currently building or may have in-home parades, typically held in the late spring or early fall months.   You should interview builders to determine if you would be able to work with them.  Also, consider who the builders will have you work with.  If you are working with someone other than the builder, you will want to meet that person as well before you make a commitment.  Builders are usually happy to provide you with references.  Ask for references from their subcontractors as well.  Consider how long they have been in the business as well.  A new builder may not be around five years from now, whereas an established builder will be there for you.

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