Are you researching working with custom home builders in Omaha? We’ve outlined some of the most common questions we receive as a custom home builders in Omaha.

Should I own the lot when dealing with a custom home builder?

H3 Custom Homes will build on your own lot, or one of our own.  We also have extensive networks to find the perfect lot for you. It’s just one of the perks of working with custom home builders in Omaha like H3 Custom Homes.

Who will I work with – will it be the builder directly or someone else?

Many custom home builders in Omaha have superintendents that you will work with day to day, hardly ever seeing the builder once the contract is signed. H3 Custom homes however do not. We prefer to be on-site every day and put our own hands on your project.

That’s one of the reasons so many customers have chosen to work with a custom home builder like H3 Custom Homes in Omaha.

What is the timeline to get the home built?

We are constantly striving to find better and more efficient ways to build our custom homes.  However, we cannot sacrifice the quality you deserve in your home.  We like to tell people on average it is around 9 months from the start of framing to complete your custom home in Omaha, NE.

Can I choose the floorplan? Or have one drawn up?

As a custom home builder in Omaha, that’s just what we are – Custom.  We would be glad to navigate the home design process with you.  You can also select from one of our plans we’ve had custom drawn for us and make your desired changes however you wish.

Can I walk thru the house to see progress?

You can walk thru the house whenever you would like to see progress.

Where do I go to make selections?

We have a network of suppliers that we work with well and will recommend.  You can of course also make selections at places of your choice.

Will I get help making selections?

We would be glad to help with the selection process and provide our feedback and suggestions!

How much will I get to spend on my selections?

We put fair and generous allowances in our budgets for all finishes including cabinetry, countertops, flooring, plumbing and light fixtures, glass, etc.

Can I choose my own subcontractors?

Just like our network of suppliers, we have subcontractors we work with on nearly all of our custom homes.  This ensures that the quality we strive for is achieved on every project.  We like working with these subs but will not rule out working with someone of your choosing.

Can I do some of the work myself?

Absolutely, sweat equity is a great way to reduce the cost of your custom home.

What happens after the home is built? Who do I talk to if there’s a question or problem?

After your custom home is complete the warranty process begins.  You will talk to us directly if there are any questions or issues.  We have a standard 45-day walk thru after moving in to address items at that time and then a follow-up 11-month walk thru to do the same.  After the one-year builder warranty, you will have peace of mind with the 2-10 extended warranty.  However, we see our clients as lifelong clients and ask that you not hesitate to call beyond the one-year warranty should any issue arise.

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